Solar Supercapacitor Applications

by Phillip Hurley

Supercapacitors are a genuine breakthrough in energy storage, with many possibilities for use with solar generated electricity. Powered by solar panels, supercapacitors can replace batteries in many applications; or be used in supercapacitor/battery hybrid systems that extend the lifetime of a battery bank.

solar powered supercapacitor bank

custom photovoltaic panel for powering supercaps solar supercapacitor welding unit

Solar Supercapacitor Applications is a collection of practical, hands-on projects that explore the niche areas where supercapacitors, photovoltaics and battery technology come together to produce the best results for energy efficiency, cost, reliability and longevity.

    Detailed illustrated projects include:
  • Design, build and integrate a supercapacitor bank into a photo-voltaic battery power system.
  • Build photovoltaic panels specifically for supercapacitors
  • Build and configure solar supercapacitor power supplies
  • Build a wireless ignition system for rockets; a spot and seam welder for metal foils; and an LED desk lamp, all powered by solar supercapacitors
  • Apply simple photovoltaic supercapacitor power supplies to existing devices, such as lasers, high voltage power supplies, and a gasifier camping stove.

Also briefly discussed are using solar supercapacitor power supplies to run motors, thermoelectric modules, shape memory alloys, Nichrome heating wire, and solar hydrogen fuel cell systems; and building a kit foam airplane powered by supercapacitors.

The e-book Solar Supercapacitor Applications is 267 pages, with more than 500 color photos and illustrations that make the projects easy to follow. You can download the free sample pages here. Published October 2009.

Solar Supercapacitor Applications
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