The Battery Builder's Guide

by Phillip Hurley

Recycling lead acid batteries Battery plate assemblies in recycled battery case

The Battery Builder's Guide is a practical hands-on text that will show you how to make your own rechargeable flooded lead acid batteries. Learn how to recycle parts and materials, how to fabricate battery components and where to purchase the parts, materials and tools you need to build or rebuild batteries. The text covers construction of batteries with Plante (pure lead) and Faure (pasted lead) plates.

    Topics include:
  • Recycling old lead acid batteries
  • Molding battery parts
  • Design formulas and tables
  • Lead burning
  • Techniques and tools for battery building
  • Building plate burning racks
  • Pasting and forming plates
  • Types of batteries such as SLA and deep cycle, and their characteristics and uses
  • And more... all illustrated with extensive step-by-step color photos

Flooded lead acid batteries are used for stationary applications such as solar and wind powered electrical systems, and for mobile applications. If you need custom batteries of a specific size or output, wish to experiment with building batteries, or want to lower your costs by using recycled components and materials, The Battery Builder's Guide has the information you need.

The e-book The Battery Builder's Guide is 300 pages, with over 400 color photos and illustrations. Download the free sample pages here. Published June 2008.

Building foundry molds for battery parts Lead burning for assembling battery plates
Battery Builders Guide


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