Son of Tesla Coil

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Son of Tesla Coil

by George Trinkaus

We've thrown lots of sparks, but is that all Tesla had in mind? In this sequel to the classic Tesla Coil, we venture into the utilitarian Tesla. In clear English and 40 illustrations, we ponder the questions: Can Tesla coils do real work? Can they power an alternative fluorescent lighting?

Build a "third generation" Tesla coil. Discover the magic of oil immersion, of close coupling, and of precise pulsing. Learn how to drive a Tesla coil from low-voltage battery power. See how the new neon technology can be adapted for Tesla off-the-shelf. Build a solid-state pulse generator and a Tesla lighting plant. Then hook up your ammeter and see what it says about Tesla efficiencies. Can battery-powered Tesla technology come to our aid in the next big blackout? Will Tesla technology be the next big step forward in home power?

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